All You Need to Know About Smart Move Removals and Storages’ Excellent Storage Services

Sydney is one of Australia’s most populated and popular cities. Many people call Sydney their home, and for many people; Sydney is a place of business and commerce.

As such, it is natural that people gather possessions in this city, either commercial property or domestic goods. However, issues are bound to arise when there is a lack of privately-owned space to store such goods.

Bearing this in mind, Smart Move Removals and Storage specializes in the provision of storage space for residential, and office property. Read further to know more about this effective solution for storage in Sydney.

Benefits of Storage Services from Smart Move Removals and Storage

Efficient storage services from Smart Move Removals and Storage come with several benefits and advantages for those that avail of this service; this includes…

  • 24/7 top-notch security to ensure the safety of client assets
  • Temperature regulated setups to minimize environmental damage to client assets
  • Discounts on long-term storage for clients availing of storage services for 6 months and more
  • Warehouse inspections to ensure that clients are satisfied with storage facilities
  • Additional packing, removals, and transportation expertise; to provide clients with full support
  • A need-based 10m3 storage space charge, to limit storage costs in accordance with client needs
  • Cost-free unlimited provision of removal blankets when transporting items to Smart Move Removal and Storages’ multiple storage facilities
  • Up to 50% cut-backs on moving costs and time, ensured by efficient modular storage
  • Zero modular handling fees
  • Zero post move cleaning charges
  • The provision and availability of storage insurance from Smart Move Removals and Storage
  • The availability of storage space for when a home or office space is undergoing renovations or reconstruction, courtesy Smart Move Removals and Storage
  • The availability of storage space when a residential property must be emptied of its contents, to facilitate the sale of said property
  • The availability of storage space in between the office and home relocations in Sydney and interstate
  • Short term storage facilities for a day and more, to minimize storage costs when a client’s storage needs are limited to a short duration of time

Why Smart Move Storage + Removals

While there are many storage companies in Sydney; Smart Move Removals and Storage are the experts to deal with for many reasons. For starters, all of the benefits of an efficient storage facility, as listed above; define the storage services offered by Smart Move Removals and Storage. Furthermore, these experts offer…

  • An extensive variation of packing materials including cardboard and environmental crates
  • All women packing and unpacking services
  • Forklift facilities for heavy goods intended for storage

Smart Move Removals and Storage comes with the benefit of a facility for storage in Northern Beaches, alongside storage facilities in the Upper North Shore area, Lower North Shore area, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Sydney Central, and North Sydney. All of the above information makes an excellent case for efficient short term and long term storage in Sydney, courtesy of Smart Move Removals and Storage. To know more, head to

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Moving with Difficult Access

Are you moving with difficult access and have oversize furniture?

Here at SmartMove we often come across properties with tight stairwells or obstructing walls that mean you can’t get your much loved furniture to the desired spot in your home or even worse not even in the front door.

SmartMove have solutions where as other companies might struggle.

Balcony Lifts

The solution to moving with difficult access might be a balcony lift, this involves protecting your furniture with removal blankets, shrink wrapping to ensure the maximum protection then some cleaver removal rope tying before man power come into play.

In order to conduct a balcony lift we often require images of the item, the view of the balcony from the ground and the view from the ground to the balcony to ensure its safe to carry out.


When an item is exceptionally heavy we have the resources to bring in a mobile crane to mechanically lift the item to an access point.

Using the crane does require a site visit prior to the move to ensure we meet all the OH&S requirements and the lift can take place without incident but can be the only answer to moving with difficult access for some customers.

No matter what lifting job you need to be done, SmartMove has the skills and knowledge you need!

SmartMove Crane

By using our balcony lifting service, sometimes known as “craning,” you are taking away the stress of heavy lifting while reducing the risk of damage to your valuable possessions.

No matter the job in Sydney, we have a knowledge and a Smart Team that can lift it flawlessly. Furthermore, when access to premises through stairs or doorways is limited, we have a Smart Solution for your furniture to go via the window or balcony.

Our high-rise hoisting service is ideal for anyone moving in or out of a high-rise apartment building, townhouse, or multi-level home when a traditional balcony rope option wont suffice .


This versatile platforms allow for extremely heavy and awkward furniture such as sofa, sideboard or odd furniture to be transported easily up or down without damaging either the goods or the interior of the property.

Balcony furniture removal is an efficient and often the only way to move your difficult to move furniture or other house belongings to any floor required or any high-rise apartment.

  • No Stress
  • Less chance of damage 
  • Time efficient
  • Reduced costs
  • Safer for body

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Fragile Removals in Sydney or Interstate

Fragile Removals in Sydney & Interstate: SmartMove Removals, Sydney

Crates for model Boats

When it comes to fragile removals from a home or office, SmartMove Removals & Storage are specialists in Sydney for local and instate removals. In this past week we were fortunate to get an enquiry from a Sydney local who handcrafts and constructs his very own model boats.

These fragile boats needed to be carefully transported up to Brisbane, where they would take new ownership. However, another removalist company said that they wouldn’t touch the boats, due to the delicate condition they were in. Furthermore, they said they would not take liability if anything were to happen to them.

Fortunately, SmartMove Removals & Storage has many years of removalist experience in, not only interstate moves, but handling fragile items as well.

Our crate builder, Ian Ross, founder of Artful Service, was called in to facilitate stable and supportive frames for these beautiful but fragile boats.

Ian from Artful Service

After only one day of work, the boats were safely secure and ready for their removal up the coast. Needless to say, the customer was very happy that our team at SmartMove got it done!

Crate for model boat

This is just another example of how SmartMove Removals & Storage are happy to take on removal jobs that others will not, whether it is local removals in Sydney, or for moves over a greater distance interstate. In that, we delivered these boats on time, and with a competitive cost.

Four boats crated

If you are looking to move any items interstate, whether they be fragile, abnormal, or large in size, SmartMove Removals & Storage has got you covered.

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Heavy Item Removals in Sydney

SmartMove are up for any unusual removals challenge


Sometimes we encounter unusual jobs that couriers won’t touch and other removal companies won’t even entertain.

Here at SmartMove we like to think a bit differently and with our purpose-built trucks which are equipped with tail lifts, heavy duty moving equipment and forklift trained staff we can move nearly everything.

Recently we were asked to move some very heavy vending machines for a product launch by Apex Supply Chain Technologies.

The customer had contacted other removal companies and had no luck at all. As soon as we spoke to him I knew we would be able to deliver with a little extra planning.

Here’s what the operations manager had to say:

We recently had to move 3 of our machines to a media launch event in the city.  2 of the machines were 300+ kgs each, however, when we arrived at the venue we were faced with some physical barriers that hadn’t been disclosed to us beforehand, which made the work of getting the machines into place for the event much more difficult than we had anticipated. 

Other removalists would have simply given up, however, Dom and the guys from SmartMove didn’t.  They were prepared to look at numerous creative solutions for getting our machines to where they needed to go. 

In the end, the guys from SmartMove, along with some generosity from a neighbouring supermarket, worked out a way to get our machines to the media event on time.  We were very lucky to have SmartMove on board for this project – they went above and beyond what most other moving companies would have done.  Thanks to SmartMove, the media event was a success.

Ashley Moore

Operations Manager – Australia and New Zealand

Apex Supply Chain Technologies

If you are confronted with a logistical challenge give us a call on 1300668387 or fill in the quick quote form.

At SmartMove we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers.

Not only do we think outside the box, we pack, move, supply and store them too!

If you need a removalist you can trust to get the job done right, SmartMove is the ideal solution. Get in touch today.


Image Courtesy of Kim Love on Flickr


Moving To Scotland island

S C O T L A N D    I S L A N D ,   N S W

Moving To Scotland island

Scotland Island is made up of a small community about 30 kilometres north of Sydney’s CBD
Boats and ferries serve as the only transportation for it’s residents and visitors.
For most removal companies, an island job can be very tricky.


As for
SmartMove Removals & Storage,
it’s just another Tuesday.

The SmartMove Experience:

    SmartMove Removals and Storage will boat over to your Scotland Island home for a personal quote
    To clarify, we will explain (in detail) every option and provide a customised plan for removal
    One free drop-off and one free pick-up of packing materials will be facilitated at your Scotland Island residence
    Open communication will be conducted throughout the removal process
    Therefore, we can accurately plan out the move day
    (See Below)
    We have many professional packers to assist with pre-packing your home before the move
    Also, they can help with unpacking your goods at your new home.
    In short, our professional removalists make sure your goods are safely and efficiently transported – they are the best in the business
    We offer different discounts for your move into storage
    So, use the words STORAGE SALE when inquiring with our team.

Moving To Scotland island

Barge Liaison

We are happy to recommend Chris and All Waterfront Constructions for the professional work they do.
In short, they bring the most knowledge and professionalism to the entire Scotland Island area.
See our short video (BELOW) on our recent move with them

All Waterfront ConstructionsChris Kemp
Operations Director
0410 703 351


We take pride in the services we provide here at SmartMove.

Furthermore, we love making our customer’s satisfied with their home transitions. That is why we would like to invite you to ask about our services today.

We have over 8 years of customer service in the greater Sydney area. So, if you are moving, de-cluttering, renovating, or storing… SmartMove Removals & Storage can supply every kind of packing material and equipment you will ever need for moving or storing a house or office.

Smart Move Logo

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Video Testimonials


Family walking with sun setting in the background

Happy family

We feel incredibly lucky to serve some of the most beautiful clients in Australia.

At SmartMove Removals & Storage, we make sure that each of our customers are satisfied with their moving needs. For that reason, we decided to get some feedback on how we are doing and put together 10 video testimonials below for you to see.


Instead of writing what they have said about our services, we thought we would show you:

From our customers in QUEENSCLIFF:

From our customers in SEAFORTH:

From our customers in MANLY VALE:

From our customers in CREMORNE:

Also, from our customers in NEWPORT:

Also, from our customers in FAIRLIGHT:

Also, from our customers in TERRY HILLS:

Also, from our customers in BALGOWLAH:

Also, from our customers in NORTH NARRABEEN:

Also, from our customers in NORTH RYDE:

Also, from our customers in FRESHWATER:

Also, from our customers in MANLY:

Also, from our customers in COLLAROY:


We love our customers here at SmartMove.

Furthermore, we love making our customer’s satisfied with their home transitions. That is why we would like to invite you to ask about our services today.

We have over 8 years of customer service in the greater Sydney area. So, if you are moving, de-cluttering, renovating, or storing… SmartMove Removals & Storage can supply every kind of packing material and equipment you will ever need for moving or storing a house or office.

Smart Move Logo

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Packing Tips: Pictures, Paintings, Canvases




In this video, we show you the proper ways to pack, wrap, and secure your most delicate paintings, pictures, and canvases.



  • Smart Move Book Box
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Paperback Bubble Wrap (For Canvas Only)


packing pictures

Small to Medium sized pictures/frames can fit comfortably within our Smart Move Book Boxes. Consequently, your pictures can be safely transported to your next location by using packing paper to fill in the gaps.


packing paintings

While in transport, the most vulnerable aspects of your paintings are the corners. For that reason, you can safely secure these areas using standard bubble wrap. Furthermore, our removalists can use blankets to provide double protection for your bubble wrapped paintings.


packing canvases

Your canvases will be safely transported in Paperback Bubble Wrap to prevent any liquids from spilling or plastic from dissolving (leaching). Also, be sure to mark which side is front and back so our removalists can ensure the best protection for your artwork.


Here at Smart Move we can supply every kind of packing material and equipment you will ever need for moving or storing a house or office.

Smart Move

If you would like to know more about the services we an offer please contact us by clicking here or calling 1300 66 8387.

Removals & Storage on the Northern Beaches:

Removals & Storage on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

SmartMove Help Watermark Customers before the big move into the New Harbord Diggers.


SmartMove have been selected as the preferred supplier


SmartMove were selected to be the preferred supplier to Watermarks new development.

How we helped customers before they moved into the new development at the Harbord Diggers complex in Freshwater.

Many of the new home owners have a gap in between the settlement of their old property and the completion of their new one.

We were lucky enough to be able to help them out  and offers  our complete set of solutions to move and store them prior to moving into their new property.

After a brief conversation and email confirming our services packing materials were dropped off at their old house which ensured they were all packed up ready for the big move day.

SmartMove team then arrived at the customers house ready to load their home into the storage modules at their door.

Everything is wrapped in blankets and plastic covers as needed to protect the furniture whilst in storage, neatly packed like a game of tetris and  chalked with the customers information and sealed up.

In this case the customers moved from Beacon Hill t took around 2.5-3hrs to load 30m3 of items into storage modules, once the truck returns to the warehouse, the storage modules are fork lifted out of the truck and placed inside our secure warehouse.

This method saves so much time and money reducing the need to double handle items and wasting the customers money.

We truly believe this is the most cost effective and secure way of storage with out question which many of the watermark customers have benefited from .


Benefits of using SmartMove

  • Easy booking system

  • Expert advise

  • Packing materials delivered free of charge to the customer door

  • Modular storage reducing the removal bill by 50%

  • Storage modules made of wood ensuring your items breathe

  • High security warehouse (camera and alarm monitored)

  • No extra charges for removal blankets

  • No clean fees on move out


Benefits of using SmartMove

Credit: Urban Developer



Office relocation in the Lower North Shore: Case Study of Winten Property Group

Office relocation in the Lower North Shore: Case Study of Winten Property Group.


Winten Logo in gold against black timer background


Winten Property Group: When a business expands or it’s time for new premises an efficient move is essential to minimize disruption.


Winten Property Group recently acquired new premises and needed to engage a commercial removalist that could work with them to relocate in the shortest time possible and with a minimum of disruption.


SmartMove was their choice.

Along with satisfied client reviews, Winten could see that SmartMove offered the complete commercial relocation service and could handle every aspect of the move.

Following a site visit, SmartMove advised that the best approach was a staged relocation over 3 days due to building restrictions and to minimize downtime.

Non-essential goods were removed first and stored at our secure warehouse over a two day period, The second stage was to move essential items directly into their new premises on a weekend along with the non-essential items.

This allowed for the new premises to be operational the following Monday morning.

The final stage was the removal of unwanted recyclable goods from their old premises.

SmartMove stocks a complete range of packing materials and were able to supply all the materials required for the relocation and SmartMove provided tips and advise on how to prepare ready for the move.

Security is another concern of businesses when relocating. SmartMove handles all equipment and office furniture with the utmost care and understands that the need for a secure move is paramount.

SmartMove was also able to remove and recycle their unwanted furniture and goods from the old location.

When relocating it is essential that a commercial removalist can give you the right advice along with a complete service so as to minimize disruption and handle all aspects of the move. SmartMove is the complete relocation expert.


Call us on 1300668387 or visit our website at for a quote for your next commercial move or storage requirements.


Winten Property Group

View over North Sydney










Wintern Property Group office black chairs against a wood pannel wall

Wood panel office wall










Commercial Moving

Main office doors