Fragile Removals in Sydney or Interstate

Fragile Removals in Sydney & Interstate: SmartMove Removals, Sydney

Crates for model Boats

When it comes to fragile removals from a home or office, SmartMove Removals & Storage are specialists in Sydney for local and instate removals. In this past week we were fortunate to get an enquiry from a Sydney local who handcrafts and constructs his very own model boats.

These fragile boats needed to be carefully transported up to Brisbane, where they would take new ownership. However, another removalist company said that they wouldn’t touch the boats, due to the delicate condition they were in. Furthermore, they said they would not take liability if anything were to happen to them.

Fortunately, SmartMove Removals & Storage has many years of removalist experience in, not only interstate moves, but handling fragile items as well.

Our crate builder, Ian Ross, founder of Artful Service, was called in to facilitate stable and supportive frames for these beautiful but fragile boats.

Ian from Artful Service

After only one day of work, the boats were safely secure and ready for their removal up the coast. Needless to say, the customer was very happy that our team at SmartMove got it done!

Crate for model boat

This is just another example of how SmartMove Removals & Storage are happy to take on removal jobs that others will not, whether it is local removals in Sydney, or for moves over a greater distance interstate. In that, we delivered these boats on time, and with a competitive cost.

Four boats crated

If you are looking to move any items interstate, whether they be fragile, abnormal, or large in size, SmartMove Removals & Storage has got you covered.

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