Moving with Difficult Access

Are you moving with difficult access and have oversize furniture?

Here at SmartMove we often come across properties with tight stairwells or obstructing walls that mean you can’t get your much loved furniture to the desired spot in your home or even worse not even in the front door.

SmartMove have solutions where as other companies might struggle.

Balcony Lifts

The solution to moving with difficult access might be a balcony lift, this involves protecting your furniture with removal blankets, shrink wrapping to ensure the maximum protection then some cleaver removal rope tying before man power come into play.

In order to conduct a balcony lift we often require images of the item, the view of the balcony from the ground and the view from the ground to the balcony to ensure its safe to carry out.


When an item is exceptionally heavy we have the resources to bring in a mobile crane to mechanically lift the item to an access point.

Using the crane does require a site visit prior to the move to ensure we meet all the OH&S requirements and the lift can take place without incident but can be the only answer to moving with difficult access for some customers.

No matter what lifting job you need to be done, SmartMove has the skills and knowledge you need!

SmartMove Crane

By using our balcony lifting service, sometimes known as “craning,” you are taking away the stress of heavy lifting while reducing the risk of damage to your valuable possessions.

No matter the job in Sydney, we have a knowledge and a Smart Team that can lift it flawlessly. Furthermore, when access to premises through stairs or doorways is limited, we have a Smart Solution for your furniture to go via the window or balcony.

Our high-rise hoisting service is ideal for anyone moving in or out of a high-rise apartment building, townhouse, or multi-level home when a traditional balcony rope option wont suffice .


This versatile platforms allow for extremely heavy and awkward furniture such as sofa, sideboard or odd furniture to be transported easily up or down without damaging either the goods or the interior of the property.

Balcony furniture removal is an efficient and often the only way to move your difficult to move furniture or other house belongings to any floor required or any high-rise apartment.

  • No Stress
  • Less chance of damage 
  • Time efficient
  • Reduced costs
  • Safer for body

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