All You Need to Know About Smart Move Removals and Storages’ Excellent Storage Services

Sydney is one of Australia’s most populated and popular cities. Many people call Sydney their home, and for many people; Sydney is a place of business and commerce.

As such, it is natural that people gather possessions in this city, either commercial property or domestic goods. However, issues are bound to arise when there is a lack of privately-owned space to store such goods.

Bearing this in mind, Smart Move Removals and Storage specializes in the provision of storage space for residential, and office property. Read further to know more about this effective solution for storage in Sydney.

Benefits of Storage Services from Smart Move Removals and Storage

Efficient storage services from Smart Move Removals and Storage come with several benefits and advantages for those that avail of this service; this includes…

  • 24/7 top-notch security to ensure the safety of client assets
  • Temperature regulated setups to minimize environmental damage to client assets
  • Discounts on long-term storage for clients availing of storage services for 6 months and more
  • Warehouse inspections to ensure that clients are satisfied with storage facilities
  • Additional packing, removals, and transportation expertise; to provide clients with full support
  • A need-based 10m3 storage space charge, to limit storage costs in accordance with client needs
  • Cost-free unlimited provision of removal blankets when transporting items to Smart Move Removal and Storages’ multiple storage facilities
  • Up to 50% cut-backs on moving costs and time, ensured by efficient modular storage
  • Zero modular handling fees
  • Zero post move cleaning charges
  • The provision and availability of storage insurance from Smart Move Removals and Storage
  • The availability of storage space for when a home or office space is undergoing renovations or reconstruction, courtesy Smart Move Removals and Storage
  • The availability of storage space when a residential property must be emptied of its contents, to facilitate the sale of said property
  • The availability of storage space in between the office and home relocations in Sydney and interstate
  • Short term storage facilities for a day and more, to minimize storage costs when a client’s storage needs are limited to a short duration of time

Why Smart Move Storage + Removals

While there are many storage companies in Sydney; Smart Move Removals and Storage are the experts to deal with for many reasons. For starters, all of the benefits of an efficient storage facility, as listed above; define the storage services offered by Smart Move Removals and Storage. Furthermore, these experts offer…

  • An extensive variation of packing materials including cardboard and environmental crates
  • All women packing and unpacking services
  • Forklift facilities for heavy goods intended for storage

Smart Move Removals and Storage comes with the benefit of a facility for storage in Northern Beaches, alongside storage facilities in the Upper North Shore area, Lower North Shore area, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Sydney Central, and North Sydney. All of the above information makes an excellent case for efficient short term and long term storage in Sydney, courtesy of Smart Move Removals and Storage. To know more, head to

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