Office relocation in the Lower North Shore: Case Study of Winten Property Group

Office relocation in the Lower North Shore: Case Study of Winten Property Group.


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Winten Property Group: When a business expands or it’s time for new premises an efficient move is essential to minimize disruption.


Winten Property Group recently acquired new premises and needed to engage a commercial removalist that could work with them to relocate in the shortest time possible and with a minimum of disruption.


SmartMove was their choice.

Along with satisfied client reviews, Winten could see that SmartMove offered the complete commercial relocation service and could handle every aspect of the move.

Following a site visit, SmartMove advised that the best approach was a staged relocation over 3 days due to building restrictions and to minimize downtime.

Non-essential goods were removed first and stored at our secure warehouse over a two day period, The second stage was to move essential items directly into their new premises on a weekend along with the non-essential items.

This allowed for the new premises to be operational the following Monday morning.

The final stage was the removal of unwanted recyclable goods from their old premises.

SmartMove stocks a complete range of packing materials and were able to supply all the materials required for the relocation and SmartMove provided tips and advise on how to prepare ready for the move.

Security is another concern of businesses when relocating. SmartMove handles all equipment and office furniture with the utmost care and understands that the need for a secure move is paramount.

SmartMove was also able to remove and recycle their unwanted furniture and goods from the old location.

When relocating it is essential that a commercial removalist can give you the right advice along with a complete service so as to minimize disruption and handle all aspects of the move. SmartMove is the complete relocation expert.


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