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When it comes to storage services, Smart Move has the answer in the form of safe, budget-friendly options

Whether you’re an empty-nester looking to downsize, emptying the man cave, making room for a new addition to the family or simply wanting to pack some things away for a while, we have the space for you.
Our removalists will pick up your storage items directly from your doorstep, negating the need for you to do any loading or lifting. We then pack your possessions in our safe storage warehouse, giving you complete peace of mind until you want to use them again. Our storage is perfect for both home and commercial storage and we’re able to store big items like furniture, as well as small personal items with absolute care.
If you’re looking for convenient home and office storage in Sydney, NSW – Smart Move is the ultimate solution.

Our short term and long term storage solutions offer the following advantages:

Our warehouse has 24/7 high-level security.

Our storage warehouse is temperature stable preserving your possessions in optimal conditions.

Our modular units let your belongings breathe, reducing the likelihood of mould and mildew damage.

We offer discounts for storage periods of 6 months or more.

We welcome warehouse inspections prior to storage hire

We can also take care of the packing process and all removals in Sydney.

Smart Move has the capacity meet your storage needs, wherever you are in Sydney!

Whether you are moving home, business or warehouse, we can provide you with storage services solutions in:

Northern Beaches

Upper North Shore

Lower North Shore.

Eastern Suburbs

Inner West

Sydney Central

North Sydney

To find out more about our five-star Sydney removalist services and storage solutions, contact Smart Move on 1300 762 786 (1300 SMART MOVE) or request a quote online by filling out the form on the right today!

Decluttering and downsizing are both good reasons to require the stellar services of Smart Move Removals + Storage of Sydney, Australia. Just because something no longer fits in your space does not mean it should be discarded or donated. Smart Move Removals + Storage offers personal and commercial storage services to Sydney residents and businesses.

What kind of storage services does Smart Move Removals + Storage provide?

Smart Move Removals + Storage of Sydney, Australia provides both commercial and personal storage services. Making space for a new family member in your home? Clearing out an old storage closet in the office to create a new workspace? We can handle your personal and commercial storage needs.

What are your terms for commercial and home storage services?

We offer both short and long-term leasing options to meet your home and commercial storage needs. Our warehouses provide 24/7 high-level security in a temperature-stable environment to protect your belongings.

Why choose Smart Move Removals + Storage

When you choose Smart Move Removals + Storage for all your personal and commercial storage services in Sydney, Australia, you can be rest assured your possessions will be treated with the respect they deserve. With so many storage providers out there, we ensure to stand out by providing our customers with a superior experience from a removalist and storage company they can trust.