MCA Library Removals

MCA Library Removals

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) utilises our library removalists in Sydney to pack and store 9,000 books during renovations

MCA seeks reliable, proven library removalists in Sydney

Walk into Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and your senses calm. The quiet, airy gallery houses a compelling array of works created by local and overseas artists as well as Australia’s only permanent collection of contemporary art.

Away from the inspiring exhibition areas, the MCA hosts an extensive library of 9,000 books. In 2021, the museum underwent renovations to improve its facilities for artists and visitors alike. The curators needed reliable, proven library removalists in Sydney to pack the books, safely store them for several months and then restore the books to shelves in the newly renovated environment.

After an extensive review process comparing a shortlist of moving companies, the MCA chose Smart Move as its library removalists in Sydney. Smart Move has a successful track record of relocating large commercial organisations with minimal disruption, local storage facilities and a specialist packing team.

Chrissy McQuinn, Office Coordinator at the MCA, says:

“The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia used the services of Smart Move to pack and store our library books during renovations. The entire team at Smart Move was extremely professional, friendly and accommodating to our needs. We highly recommend Smart-Move for packaging and storage and we would definitely book them again.”

The Smart Move difference for large-scale commercial relocations and storage

Dom Rowswell, CEO of Smart Move, says:

“Our team brings three key advantages to every removal, whether a small residential relocation or a large-scale commercial move: Boomerang Boxes, high-quality local storage and professional packers.”

The Smart Move team personally packed 9,000 books with four packers into 266 Boomerang Boxes at the MCA in just 22 hours. The crew transported the books to 40m3 of local storage for three months, returned them to the new MCA library and unpacked the collection again with another four packers.

Boomerang Boxes: easy to pack, stack and store

Smart Move packing MCA books into Boomerang Boxes

One of the most time-consuming, wasteful parts of a move is assembling and taping cardboard boxes. Cardboard isn’t an ideal material for moving or storing items. It’s flimsy, warps under pressure, collapses when wet, is home to pests, is hard to secure and isn’t often reusable.

Boomerang Boxes transform the business of packing with durable, sustainable, secure boxes that are easy to pack, stack and store. Built for at least 400 uses before recycling, Boomerang Boxes are the leading choice to keep belongings in shape between Points A and B.

Local, secure, climate-stable storage facilities

Smart Move storage facility

Smart Move clients know that everything will stay in pristine condition when their belongings go into our Northern Beaches storage facility, whether they come back for their items in a month or five years later. Our warehouses come with 24/7 high-level security including periodic in-person surveillance.

Temperature stable and modular storage units ensure airflow around stored items to reduce the risk of mould or mildew damage. Our easy-to-use storage calculator helps every customer understand up-front pricing options. Smart Move has a range of storage services available to help with short or long-term requirements.

High quality packing materials and professional packing and unpacking services

Smart Move at the MCA

The quality of your packing materials and packing methods can literally make or break a move. Smart Move prioritises working with professional, experienced packers and high-quality packing materials — our library removalists in Sydney know how to wrap, pack and unpack both efficiently and carefully.

We make the best use of space in boxes and choose packing materials thoughtfully to help you save money, and make sure your belongings arrive as expected. You can’t expect every moving company to handle your belongings like their own, but that is the Smart Move way. Explore our customisable packing and unpacking services.

Smart Move: a smart choice for home and commercial relocations and storage

The next time you’re planning to downsize, upgrade, sea-change, tree-change or move your business, consider making it a Smart Move!

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