How to move marble tabletops & other goods with the experts from Smart Move

Marble has been the material of choice for artisans and builders for thousands of years. Its durability, beauty, heat resistance and ability to polish to a high shine make it ideal for architecture, interior design and artwork.

Intense heat and pressure in the earth’s crust change limestone into marble. As the limestone is pressurised, its impurities create the unique veined patterns and colours for which marble is famous. Every piece of marble is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Throughout homes and offices, marble is a popular material for tabletops, sculptures, lamp bases, benches, shelving, novelties, flooring, fireplace surrounds, wall cladding, outdoor furniture and more. Although valued for its durability, moving marble safely demands particular care.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about moving marble including how to pack a marble tabletop safely.

Strong and brittle at the same time, moving marble safely demands care and planning

Three reasons why moving marble takes special care and planning

Moving marble safely takes special crating and often more than one person to lift and transport the pieceAlong with its beauty, originality and durability, this material has three other characteristics that demand special care and planning when moving marble:

  1. Weight. Marble is extremely heavy. Heavier than granite, marble weighs 2.7 kilograms per cubic meter.
  2. Brittle. Marble is both strong and brittle at the same time. If dropped, marble can break along the natural fissures and veins in the rock. Marble outdoor furniture is particularly brittle as it is often exposed to weather elements.
  3. Porous. A highly porous material, marble is prone to staining and scratching. Scratches can often polish out but stains that soak into the rock’s pores are often impossible to remove.

When moving marble furniture and artwork, professional movers with the right equipment, proven experience and appropriate packing materials are vital to ensure you unpack your piece in excellent condition.

How to pack marble tabletops safely

With nearly twenty years of experience with home removals, commercial relocations, and storage, our crew has perfected the skill of moving marble goods. More specifically, we know how to pack marble tabletops safely and effectively to ensure your table arrives at your new location in one perfect piece.

1. Construct a customised wooden frame to hold the tabletop snugly and stop it moving or sliding when lifted.

2. Wrap the entire piece in protective cladding.

3. Mark the cladding “FRAGILE – MARBLE.”

4. Use multiple crews or machinery for over-sized items to transport the crate to the moving truck.

We specialise in building customised crates to transport marble tabletops. We’ll take measurements of your tabletop and cut wood to size ahead of moving day. Our team will disassemble the table on moving day and hand-build the crate on-site for a precise tabletop fit.

The crew will hand carry the piece to the truck for transport and hand carry the piece inside at your new home or office. Once the tabletop is in the correct location, we’ll remove the crate, reassemble the full piece and your marble table will be back in action without a scratch.

We know how to pack marble tabletops safely — your luxury table is in good hands!

How to move marble artwork and novelties

The crate type is essential when moving marble. Sometimes Smart Move marble crates are standard boxes, while other times, a flat picture box is more appropriate. We always customise the crate to the marble piece that needs moving to ensure the safest, smoothest transportation and delivery.

Here are a few quick tips for moving marble:

  1. Build a dedicated crate for the marble piece, pad the insides with quality moving materials such as bubble wrap, and leave the top of the box open.
  2. Wrap each marble piece individually with bubble wrap.
  3. Place the wrapped marble item into the crate. We often use two or more crew to ensure the piece is lifted safely and placed carefully into the box.
  4. Fill the space around the marble piece with more bubble wrap until the item can’t move or slide.
  5. Seal the crate and mark it “FRAGILE – MARBLE.”

Smart Move dedicates multiple crews and machinery for over-sized items to transport crates and boxes containing marble to the moving truck. Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you — contact us for an obligation-free quote today!

Smart Moves tips for moving marble safely

Smart Move’s tips for moving marble safely include making a customised crate, using quality packing materials, and having the right crew and equipment on-site to lift and transport the piece

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Whether you’re moving a marble piece to a new location permanently or into storage temporarily, Smart Move is here to help. Our crew is highly experienced with moving marble and has the skill, packing materials and attention to detail to give you confidence your treasure is in good hands.

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