How Smart Move’s Full Service Made Harbord Diggers / Watermark’s Move Easy

At Smart Move, we are very honoured and pleased to be the preferred, recommended removal and storage company to facilitate the removals and storage needs of its new residents and building management at the recently completed Watermark development  at the Harbord Diggers, Freshwater.

In addition to our removal service over the last 2 years, when needed, we have provided Watermark’s new homeowners with short-term storage solutions during the interim period of vacating their old property and gaining access to their beautiful new homes.

Our cost effective and time-saving storage method, starts with empty storage modules being transported to our customer’s old property, and their belongings being loaded and secured right there.  The modules are then brought straight back to our warehouse in Brookvale, where they are fork-lifted off the truck, put into place and remain there until requested for SmartMove to deliver and unload into their new home. This method eliminates double handling which reduces the removal time and cost by 50%.

Another aspect of Smart Move’s streamlined service is to deliver packing materials in advance for our customers to pack their belongings, or to thoroughly enjoy the alternative of our professional female pre-packing teams doing a partial or full pack for them.

Working together with Watermark residents and management, is a perfect example of where we are able to supply our full range of services and products, and our customers reap the benefits of our time-saving methods and peace of mind with being looked after by our professional staff.

Smartmove provided:

We were fortunate enough to have relocated so many lovely people and received so much great feedback, below is just one of the recent testimonials from Jen who just recently moved into her lovely new home, thank you Jen!…

Congratulations to Smart Move for providing an excellent service; from the time I contacted the company for a quote, the number of Boomerang boxes required, to moving day. The team from head office and Boomerang were most helpful and obliging. Bruno, Marcel and Raff, did an excellent job moving us from an upper level duplex to a retirement village where they had to negotiate the challenges of working with a lift and basement storage whilst keeping residents happy. Artwork, special pieces of furniture were carefully wrapped and handled with the greatest of care. I have no hesitation in recommending Smart Move and Boomerang, a great, well run organisation.


5 Tips to Hire Professionals for Warehouse Removal Services

Over time and with the onset of urbanization, people have understood and mastered the art of seeking and picking the better. Australia is no exception to this and people and businesses are always in a state of turmoil to find and relocate to the ideal place that is better than their previous one and offers the flexibility and scope over their past choice. This has made the warehouse relocating a major nightmare that people tend to freight and fight.

Long story short, there are tons of individuals who might be searching for the best warehouse removal services in Sydney but only a few of them manage to get the best. How? Well, the best way to look for a reliable 24/7 relocating service is hidden in the below-mentioned tips. Follow them and find your ideal removalists in Sydney.

1. Look Online

Finding one removal services among a truckload of service providers that claim to be the best in their field is nothing less than finding a needle from the haystack. Among all the competition and with all the companies claiming their worth, you can always rely on Google map listings. A business that is online is definitely more reliable, plus you also get the advantage to look in the reviews and ratings along with the directions to the business. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

2. Is the firm certified?

Nevertheless, you cannot dissent from the fact that you are handing over all your valuables in the hands of strangers, so make sure that the company is certified and the professionals that you hire for removal assistance have the license under the certified company.

3. How well are the professionals equipped?

Technology is doing wonders and so why your relocation needs to be exempted for the best technology available in the town. Check whether the team of experts uses the latest available technology and provide 24/7 customer support or not.

4. Transportation

Most people become so stuck with all the packing and unpacking that they forget about all the moving procedure. Make sure that your goods are in safe hands and they are transported to their destined place without any damage and in proper transportation.

5. Budget

Relocation can be a hectic affair to your pocket and if you want to avoid the overhead expenses then find out whether the relocation service falls in the confined boundaries of your budget or not. Besides that also look for transparency so that there will be no cutting corners from the relocating company on any front.

Handle your relocation successfully

Most large-scale warehouses are equipped with teams to help them with their relocation or removals. However, if you cannot afford this luxury or you can’t find the right resources for your team, then you can always go for the best-in-class warehouse removal companies in Sydney. The teams are well-versed with doing major warehouse moves and the professionals have extremely well-facilitated management with a fixed workflow.

Make your warehouse removal organized and systematic with Smart Move Removals and Storage as you hire the top-notch removalists in town.

Survive Relocation Easily with Corporate Relocation Services in Sydney

An entire office relocation in Sydney can be nothing less than a nightmare. The need for relocation or expansion is probably one of the significant challenges of any growing business that can make any individual and the management panic in fear of disorganisation. Fortunately, commercial movers and efficient office relocation services are there that specialize in this specific niche of service.

Office relocation can be fun with the right services

You already know that the commercial relocating specialists in Australia can make your moving process easy, but choosing the right office relocation services in Sydney isn’t an easy task. There are lots of options for relocations services operating in Sydney, which makes it quite tedious choosing the best among the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the fundamental elements for picking the right company to perform your office relocation for your business.

1. Certification and Licencing

Don’t forget the fact that while choosing a relocating service, you are handing them over your valuables and some major papers related to your office, so before you start, make sure that the company is registered with AFRA (Australian furniture removals association) and is certified.

2. Equipment

Top-notch relocating requires best-in-class equipment. Before you invest in a relocating company, make sure that they have great equipment and the latest technology that is good enough to perform your relocating task.

3. Staffing

The staff should be trained and organised as a group. You can’t take the risk of your fragile things breaking or your stuff being disorganized and misplaced in the shifting process by the staff.

4. Tracking

Quality removal companies should have the ability to track all vehicles offering peace of mind to timings and location.

5. Insurance

Unfortunate events don’t come knocking at your door, so make sure that the relocating service provides you with the assurance of insurance before the overall shifting process starts.

6. Experience

The professionals and the company should have sheer expertise in the industry with an incredible reputation.

7. Budget

The relocating budget should not be over-priced, and the charges should be transparent with no hidden costs.

8. Professionalism

Nothing can beat professionalism in any industry, and the relocating sector is no exception from it.

9. Customer Service

The moving services should also have an impeccable customer service, so when you reach them, they can help you without any setbacks.

Make your relocation simplified

With professional office movers, you can always be more organized. The professional relocating experts can plan work areas to utilise the space to its full potential and craft the right environment for your commodities along with making your relocation hassle-free and less expensive. Let the removal teams do the work for you while you sit back and strategise about the true potential of your new workspace. Switch to the professionals and see how relocating will turn less time consuming and an exciting process.

Call 1300 668 387 today for a FREE quote and enquire about all our other services.

How To Ace Your Office Move

How To Ace Your Office Move

Man standing by box

There’s good news and bad news!

First the good news. Your company is growing at a significant rate of knots – the bottom line looks great and you have loads of happy customers.

The bad news is your people are practically sitting on top of each other in your current office and negotiating desks, people and equipment to get to the coffee machine is becoming a mission.

So, now’s the time to make the big move.


The Plan

Assuming you’ve already got your new premises all lined up, the first step is to have a well thought-out plan of action that will create as little disturbance to your productivity as possible, which could ultimately affect your bottom line.

A good rule of thumb is to start planning your move 4-6 months before D-Day (or rather M-Day)..

Get quotes on costs and set a budget.

Next, set the date and book your removalist.

Bearing in mind that most people are nervous about change it’s important to keep your staff in the picture by communicating the details of your office move as you go along.

Treat your move as you would any other project your company would undertake and use your resources – rope in staff to help with everything that needs to be done.

Depending on the size of your company, it would be a good idea to appoint a project leader in each department to make sure everything runs smoothly.


The Execution

Moving office comes with its own set of challenges and a good checklist is crucial to make sure all your bases are covered.



Your office move not only impacts on your own company, but if you’re in an office park or block it could disrupt other businesses in the building.

For starters, find out if there are any restrictions on moving in or out from the building managers. Remember moving office is a two-step process – so clarify the building regulations at both your new and old premises.

Find out whether you can move during office hours. Some building management company’s don’t allow office moves during normal business times due to the disruption factor and inconvenience to other tenants.

The best thing to do is to establish what the rules are, and coordinate well in advance with your removalist company if you have to plan an after-hours move.

Also find out from your removalist if there are any additional charges involved if you plan to move at night or over the weekend.

If you’re in a multi-storey building, find out from the building managers whether you need to book the goods lift for your office move, and how far in advance the booking needs to be done at both ends of your move.

Also get information on how many lifts you can use as well as if you have exclusive use, these are things your removalist will want to know.

Investigate whether your current or future building has a loading dock. You’ll need to let your removalist know its height so that they can organise the right truck size for the move.

If the loading dock is accessible through an underground garage, find out the clearance restriction and let your removalist know this too.

Ask how far in advance you need to book the loading dock, if at all.



Either (or both) your current or new building could be access controlled, therefore the management company may require details about the removalist team (company name and contact number) in order to issue passes or key cards.

In most cases, your removalist company will also have to produce their public liability and workers compensation certificates to satisfy the building management.

Something else required from your removalist is a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). This is legislative paperwork which outlines the safety steps, main hazards, risks and controls associated with removing heavy objects such as furniture from residential and commercial premises.

Your removalist will also need to know whether you require on-site inductions (safety training documents) prior to the removal.



Ahh. Packing is probably the most… er… interesting part of any move. This is especially true of a commercial move because there’s electronic and IT equipment, paperwork and large heavy furniture to think about.

If your workstations have data and power running through them, you’ll need an electrician to disconnect the power. Your building management should be able to recommend someone.

Have you got any leased equipment such as a photocopier? You’ll need to contact the leasing company to check if the warranty requires that they move it. Often if you move leased equipment without the service provider’s permission you void your warranty.

Filing cabinets (hanging files) are very cumbersome and heavy, so they will need to be completely emptied prior to the removal. If you were thinking of relocating them while they are still full you face two problems:

 (a) the hanging rails could break in transit, and

 (b) the weight may exceed the limit allowed for the removal team to lift.

This means on the day of the office move, the files will need to be removed and packed into boxes which may slow down the entire removal process.

You may also think it’s unnecessary to clear pens, pencils and paperclips out of desk drawers.

But they do need to be emptied and the contents packed into boxes and/or zip lock bags, because your removalist  quite often stack desks and drawers upside down on top of each other for transit, and things could fall out.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that all the boxes get to the right spot at your new office is to number them. After taping up a box, write a location/name/reference on tape on top of the box and not directly onto the cardboard. ALWAYS use a permanent marker on the tape as other pens will rub off easily.

Then create a template by printing out the corresponding numbers and a small description on A4 paper. Place it in the area where you would like your removal team to place the boxes.


The Conclusion

A commercial move can seem very daunting. There are more aspects to consider in terms of logistics, paperwork (including legal documents) and packing requirements. It boils down to planning well – knowing what you need to do and getting it done with minimum fuss.


Image courtesy of Becky Stern,Flickr,CC BY-SA 2.0

7 Quick Questions To Ask Your Removalist

7 Quick Questions To Ask Your Removalist

Man lying under pile of boxes


It’s not only best to choose a moving company that has a great reputation and a proven record for reliability, but value for money should also play an important part in your selection.

As part of this process, look for trustworthy references outside of the testimonials on their website. No one is going to put negative reviews from customers on their website are they?

So when you’re researching removalists, always check Google reviews for honest opinions on all elements of their service. Remember, you’re paying the moving company to do a job, so selecting a removalist is pretty similar to interviewing a new employee, you need good references.

When you’re moving house who better to talk to than a removalist to find out what you should be asking your prospective removalist company? Dominic from Smartmove – a moving company in Sydney – was put to the test when he answered a few questions.


1. Are your removalists reliable and trustworthy?

When people ask us if our guys are good, we say yes! They are the best.

Our guys are courteous, polite, hard working and can think for themselves with regards to etiquette and the customer’s needs.

Our client base is mid- to high-end and we move a lot of family homes so we only employ guys that we would be happy to have around our own children. We don’t employ people with offensive tattoos or those with a criminal record.

We also get asked if we use sub-contractors (removalists not employed by Smartmove but used when our bookings are full). We don’t.

Every one of our moves is undertaken by guys directly employed by us. That way we know you will receive the best service possible.


2. How much do you charge?

We don’t have any minimum charge whereas other removal companies can charge a minimum of 4­-6 hours. We charge the hourly rate to the nearest 15 minutes. Another moving company might run by the whole hour.

Our hourly rate is mid-priced with NO hidden extras – we are very transparent with regards to the costs, so there are no surprises on the day.

The overall cost of the move is kept to a minimum due to the efficiency of the removalists. They are dedicated to your move and you won’t catch them slacking!


3. How long will it take?

We get asked this a lot.

The truth is every move is different, we’re not able to give an exact duration but we are able to provide an estimated time based on information we are given. This depends on the size of the property and how easy it is to move furniture and boxes from the property to the truck (including having to move stuff down stairs and using lifts).

Some people might understate the volume of boxes and furniture being moved when they make the booking and would therefore get an inaccurate moving time estimate. This may cause issues on the day you’re moving house, when it takes longer than expected.

Customers are obviously present at the time of their move and can see the guys working at their optimum pace, so rest assured they do not drag the jobs out.

We confidently say that our guys will get the packing and move completed in the best time possible whilst being mindful of your belongings. We are a family run and owned business and can relate to our customers on more of a personal level.


4. What about insurance?

According to Australia’s consumer protection laws, you have to be a licensed broker to offer an insurance policy to people and we are not. People can take out insurance either by using our broker or their home contents insurance.

We do, however, carry transit insurance in the unfortunate event that our truck is involved in an accident or rolls while we’re transporting your goods. The truck, the guys and your goods (excess of $500) are covered in these cases only.


5. What is the general policy with boxes for customers who are packing their houses themselves?

About 10% of our customers use our pre-pack and/or unpack service so they don’t have the stress of packing or getting their hands dirty

As 90% of our customers pack themselves we recommend that lots of packing paper is used, and don’t be economical with your boxes. Rather spend a few extra dollars on more boxes than trying to overstuff them.


6. How do you handle complaints from customers?

We address any concerns immediately and investigate whether the complaint is valid. We don’t hide anything and try to be as open as possible with our clients.


7. Finally, what would the most important piece of advice you’d give to people moving house?

Be prepared.

Finish your packing by the day before your move. Anything that still needs to be done on the day of the move could delay the process.

Use professional removal boxes only, you’ll find removal boxes are strong and stack well in the truck. Don’t use a mixture of sizes and/or weaker boxes from a supermarket – you’re giving yourself a false sense of security if you think you’ll save money this way. They’re more likely to break. Also if you have plastic tubs and want to use them for your move that’s fine, just be aware they are made of brittle material and may crack as they are not meant to be stacked and transported.

Try not to underestimate the time you think it will take to move, leave the hard work to your moving company and trust us to get it done in the best possible time. You won’t be disappointed!

Image courtesy of Nick Rice,Flickr,CC BY-ND 2.0