Moving Made Easy

Moving Made Easy


When it comes to packing up your house for the big move, there are some really simple packing tips that you probably never thought of. Following this advice will not only make your move, but your life a whole lot easier.

1. Take a photo of how your entertainment system is wired
It’s amazing how quickly the back of your entertainment centre becomes a tangle of wires connecting TV to DVD player to Xbox and all your other electronic gadgets.

To save yourself hours of frustration when you’re putting everything together again at your new home (unless you’ve got a tech-savvy teenager), take a photo of where all the wires go. Use it to guide you when you’re reconnecting.

2. Place screws for self-assembly furniture back into the furniture or in sandwich bags
Some furniture will need to be taken apart before it can be transported. Your removalists will usually carry the tools to disassemble/reassemble beds and other items on the day.

But if you’re going to dismantle and reassemble furniture yourself, follow these packing tips:

  • Get a piece of sticky tape and dab it on your shirt, this takes the harsh stickiness off the tape and stop it from damaging the finish of your furniture.
  • Label all the joints and corresponding pieces (eg. A­A / B­B and so on), to save time and headaches when you’re putting it all together again.
  • Place numbered tape on the inside of the furniture so you don’t see it when assembled.
  • Dismantle and put all the bolts back into the holes with the nuts to keep them in place – this way you don’t have to search for the correct nuts and bolts when assembling them.
  • If you have units/bookshelves that use pegs to hold the shelf up, remove the shelves, put all the pegs into a zip-lock bag and tape the bag to the unit – this makes it easy to assemble at the other end.

3. Pack an overnight bag
Make sure you pack a bag with pyjamas, a change of clothing for each member of the family for your first night in your new home.

Don’t forget the toiletries. Toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, shampoo and some towels should also go into your overnight bag. You’re probably going to be in desperate need of a long, hot soak at the end of your moving day, so include some bubble bath in your toiletry bag for a little luxury.

4. Pack a survival kit
If you really want to think smart, pack some essentials into a clear plastic box that you’re probably going to need straightaway for the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

The kettle, of course, is a must for those much needed cups of coffee or tea to sustain you through your moving day. Don’t forget some cutlery, as well as plates and cups. Tea, coffee, milk and sugar and the makings of breakfast are also must-haves.

A set of linen and pillows for each bed will go a long way to making your first night in your first home more comfortable and enjoyable.

5. Pack plates upright
Packing your plates vertically into the box with a layer of bubble wrap or other padding between each one is a great space saver.

6. Use everyday storage containers for things going in the car
Use baskets, bags and other containers around your house for goods you’re transporting yourself in your car, as boxes may be too big and awkward to fit in your boot or back seat.

Pack clothing and soft furnishings you’re taking with you in garbage bags or vacuum bags. You’ll be able to get more into your car.

7. Room name your boxes
It might seem obvious, but labelling and room naming your boxes according to where they belong will help you keep track that everything is where it should be. It will also help your removalists to put things in the right room.

8. Write what’s in the box on the tape
It takes the mystery out of what’s in the boxes and where they belong when they’re stacked.

9. Getting your kids sorted on moving day
Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your children getting underfoot.

Remember a move is upsetting to them too. They may be leaving the only home they’ve ever known. Ask Granny or another trusted carer to take them for the day. It will also give you peace of mind that they’re safe. When you send your children off for the day, or even if they’re staying with you, pack a bag with their favourite toys and other items like games, crayons, stickers and books to keep them entertained.

10. Stop leaks
There is nothing worse than opening a box to find that a bottle of oil, dishwasher or shampoo has leaked over everything. Cover the necks of open bottles with packing paper and tightly screw the lid back on.

11. Get professional advice on moving your plants
A move can also stress out your indoor and potted plants. Contact your local garden centre or a plant expert for advice on how to transport them with minimal impact. Smaller plants will probably need to go in the car with you.

Analysis paralysis can often bog you down when it comes to big life changes like moving. Whether its rewiring your entertainment centre or ensuring you’ve got everything need on your first night – keep it simple with a good plan for a smooth transition to your new home.

Image courtesy of Katy Stoddard, Flickr.