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Haberfield is located in the Inner West as Sydney’s first successful planned ‘model suburb’.

This suburb has a strong Italian influence, which is most evident in the local shops along Ramsay Street, close to the intersection with Dalhousie Street. Furthermore, this suburb has three primary schools but no high schools.


The majority of houses in Haberfield are protected under a ‘heritage order’, which is the main reason why so many original Victorian and Federation houses still exist in the area.

Around 1500 houses were constructed in this suburb and adjoining areas have a design that is created by architects: J Spencer Stansfeld and D Wormald. Furthermore, this suburb supports the philosophy of the Garden Suburb while containing distinctive planting, fences, gates and curving tiled paths.

Houses in Haberfield are typically ‘detached’ double-brick dwellings situated on their own block of land. Additionally, no two houses were alike, although there were many common themes throughout the suburb.

Renovations and additions to both houses and properties must follow strict guidelines ensuring they stay true to the era’s style. Some examples of rules include:

  • no more second storeys unless in the existing roof space
  • no demolishing of any protected houses
  • keeping a 50:50 ratio of ‘hard surface’ to ‘soft surface’ on the property
  • keeping house exteriors painted in federation colour

If you are looking for a removalist who has an experienced team with knowledge and training in moving into houses with internal challenges, then SmartMove is your company. As most family houses in Haberfield face a lot of restrictions, it is important to facilitate your move with great care and no damage. Our female team of pre-packers and un-packers can be a great help to make your move easier and stress less.

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