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Brookvale is a lively and fast-growing little suburb in the Northern Beaches. Being so close to the Sydney CBD, this location is popular with both residential and commercial buyers – and it’s not difficult to see why. Are you one of the lucky few packing your bags for Brookvale? Below are a few facts to help you learn a little more about your new home.

Brookvale is located in the trendy Northern Beaches area of Sydney. It’s just 16km from the Sydney CBD, making it a lovely spot to live and work. Surrounded by Beacon Hill, North Manly, North Curl Curl and Alambie Heights, this suburb is the perfect mix of quiet and convenient – which is part of the reason why the area has seen a lot of growth in both the residential and commercial markets.

In 1836 64 hectares of farmland were granted to William Frederick Parker, and so began the development of Brookvale. Parker sold off portions of his land and in 1883 Sydney Alexander Malcolm who built the ‘Brookvale House’ in the spot that was later to become the Warringah Mall.
The suburb grew slowly until the end of WWII, when much of the land was sold off and used for farming, commercial ventures and residential space. As surrounding areas developed, Brookvale’s agricultural areas became few and far between, but the area became a popular place for industry and residential and remains so to this day.

Brookvale has 2,589 residents according to the last census, and the average age of residents is between 20 and 39. Most of Brookvale’s demographic is made up of young professionals, but there is a small family contingent as well. Business and industry has been the area of most growth in recent years and Brookvale has a lively industrial area and plenty of economic growth.
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Fun facts:
After the Second World War much of the land in Brookvale was bought by immigrants, particularly those of Italian descent. Four notable Italian families – the Curulli, Caputo and Bombardieri families – owned a large percentage of the land in Brookvale: so much so that Brookvale earned the nickname ‘Little Pazzano’, after the Pazzano district in Italy.

Houses & Real Estate:

The median price of residential real estate in Brookvale stands at $1,250,000 (Feb 2016) and the market is fairly high demand.
As the area has such a large commercial sector there are also excellent business spaces available, both for rent and for purchase.

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