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Dee Why is the main centre of the Northern Beaches. Located 20km from Sydney’s CBD, it is a key hub of residential and commercial activity along Sydney‘s northern peninsula. Therefore, it offers a variety of accommodation, dining, shopping and nightlife.

Dee Why is one of the oldest northern suburbs, being developed in 18th century. Originally, it was inhabited by Aboriginal tribes and there are a number of Aboriginal sites which have been found and recorded in the nearby vicinity.

Dee Why’s housing is higher density than average for Australia. Living next to a beautiful beach invites a lot of dedicated surfers and first home buyers. The Dee Why Beach Corso is stylishly designed with a mix of stainless-steel street furniture, picnic tables, elegant looking lamp posts and shower units.

Predominantly made up of parks, great restaurants and scattered shopping centres as a fast-growing suburb, it faces its own challenges. Surprisingly, over 90% of homes are apartments. There are a lot of affordable properties such us one- or two-bedroom units.

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Older style unit blocks on the beachside mostly have narrow staircases without lift access. Parking on the street might be challenging for cars, as well as removalist trucks. Underground parking is very rear too.

Most of the large family houses are located on the coastal path between Dee Why and North Curl Curl. Furthermore, as these are percged on the hill, access to properties is often steep and narrow.

The new B-line has made travelling to the City and other suburbs easier than ever. Dee Why lifestyle makes it worth the everyday commute to work.

The new influx of young professionals and young families is constantly transforming the area. As a multinational suburb, over 32.5% of people living here are foreigners.

The multicultural atmosphere is attracting people from all over the world. Sometimes, it’s nice to step away from all the tourist attractions of Dee Why and think about what truly makes it so unique.

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