Heavy Item Removals in Sydney

SmartMove are up for any unusual removals challenge


Sometimes we encounter unusual jobs that couriers won’t touch and other removal companies won’t even entertain.

Here at SmartMove we like to think a bit differently and with our purpose-built trucks which are equipped with tail lifts, heavy duty moving equipment and forklift trained staff we can move nearly everything.

Recently we were asked to move some very heavy vending machines for a product launch by Apex Supply Chain Technologies.

The customer had contacted other removal companies and had no luck at all. As soon as we spoke to him I knew we would be able to deliver with a little extra planning.

Here’s what the operations manager had to say:

We recently had to move 3 of our machines to a media launch event in the city.  2 of the machines were 300+ kgs each, however, when we arrived at the venue we were faced with some physical barriers that hadn’t been disclosed to us beforehand, which made the work of getting the machines into place for the event much more difficult than we had anticipated. 

Other removalists would have simply given up, however, Dom and the guys from SmartMove didn’t.  They were prepared to look at numerous creative solutions for getting our machines to where they needed to go. 

In the end, the guys from SmartMove, along with some generosity from a neighbouring supermarket, worked out a way to get our machines to the media event on time.  We were very lucky to have SmartMove on board for this project – they went above and beyond what most other moving companies would have done.  Thanks to SmartMove, the media event was a success.

Ashley Moore

Operations Manager – Australia and New Zealand

Apex Supply Chain Technologies

If you are confronted with a logistical challenge give us a call on 1300668387 or fill in the quick quote form.

At SmartMove we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers.

Not only do we think outside the box, we pack, move, supply and store them too!

If you need a removalist you can trust to get the job done right, SmartMove is the ideal solution. Get in touch today.


Image Courtesy of Kim Love on Flickr


Customer Testimonial



Are you looking for Removal or Storage service?

We love it when we get a removal customer testimonial sent through to us,

We appreciate every customer we have so its always nice to be able to share what people are saying about us.

At SmartMove we have the capability of coming to your house with storage modules loaded into the truck

We  load your items directly into the storage modules at your home!


Removal Customer Testimonial

(SmartMove Storage Module Truck)


This method reduces the amount of time required on the job and can save up to 50% of the removal cost over a traditional storage facility.

Maybe you are looking for a simple move or perhaps you need some storage whist your home is being styled?

SmartMove can help with any aspect of the moving process from 1 bedroom unit to 300 person office relocation, nothing is a problem for us.

Send us your basic information on our quick quote form  and we will be happy to come back with availability and costs.

Or maybe give the office a call on 1300668387  and have a chat with us about what you need to do.

Moving and Storage Solutions in Sydney

Are you looking for Moving and Storage solutions in Sydney?




We provide all the Moving and Storage solutions for Commercial Relocations, Domestic Moves and Storage you will need in Sydney.


Removal Solutions

We offer everything from 2 men removal to relocate a 1 bedroom unit to moving 100+ person offices with multiple teams running across different sites.

Typically, our customer’s initial enquiries are via our website’s quick quote page.  We are then able to respond via email with the removal solution we suggest based on our experience and averages.

We also have a great volume calculator on our page which you can cross check the truck size we suggest is correct for you.

SmartMove provides removal solutions from a standard home or office removal to unusual and difficult moves.

If your property have difficult access, you may require extra men or a ute to shuttle items through an underground car park or maybe up or down a steep driveway.


Let us know as we can cater for any access making your one stop for all your removal and solutions .

We are well known for moving items that other companies wont,

If you have an over sized sofa or item of furniture talk to us as we might be able to help

We are highly experienced in working out removal and storage solutions for customers where others fail.

maybe you need to move an commercial premises we cam make an onsite visit and assess whats required to make a seamless move.

Contact us on 1300668387 or fill in the information on our quick quote form


Storage Solutions




Storage Solutions

We can offer different types of storage

Option 1. We load a storage module into the back of the truck and come to your property

Then load directly into the module which reduces the costs of the removal bill by 50%

our method makes so much sense over an old fashioned traditional storage facility

Option 2. We come with an appropriately sized truck and load into the truck and bring back into our secure storage facility and load,

This method is good for small jobs or over sized items

You can also use our storage calculator to work out how much space you require

We store anything from an pallet up to a whole office or house.

We have customers in storage who:

De-cluttered prior to market

Temporarily between properties as settlement doesn’t align

Knock down rebuild customers

Archive storage for tax purposes

Overseas relocations

Corporate storage


Our facility is security patrolled, has monitored camera surveillance and fully alarmed giving you piece of mind.


Removal Solutions








Packing materials

We have a comprehensive range of top quality packing material which can help with any removal and storage solution your looking for.

Our packing material will help with:

Boxing up a few items before your house goes on to the market (declutter)

Moving from A to B .

Long or short term storage

We have everything you will need.

Pre-Packing / Un-Packing solution

If you are time poor or just need a hand to pack we have the ideal solution for you.

We can send in our pre packers the day before the move.

They will pack your items appropriately  if your moving interstate or locally or into storage.

We can pack your entire house or just help with the last few items ready for the move day.

Typically they will arrive at 08:00 for the pre pack and complete the pack before leaving.

For the unpack we suggest around midday after the guys have brought in the boxes.

If you are having a total pack then from time to time its advisable to add an extra packer to the job to complete the task in good time.

If you think having a pre pack is handy then try the unpack as we can unpack the kitchen ready for use, set up beds, and get the kids bedrooms ready making the whole process easier for you.


SmartMove Pre-packers

SmartMove Pre-packers


Packing tips from the experts: How to use a Tape gun

Packing tips from the experts: How to use a tape gun.

We thought we would make some films to assist customers on how to use equipment and be prepared for the move day.

In this video we show to to use a tape gun.

Tape guns can be amazing help when having to seal up so many boxes ready for the big move.

They will cut down so much time for you and ensure all your boxes are properly sealed.

There are two types of tape gun: Manual and Auto.

The main difference between the two are:

Manual tape gun: you can tension the tape by twisting the dial in the center of the real which will increase or decrease the speed the tape is released.

Auto tape gun – this gun controls the speed without any input.

Most tape guns have a plastic guard that protects the cutting teeth to keep you from cutting yourself.

You will need to lift the guard up when using and place the guard over the teeth when not in use – be warned the cutting teeth are sharp!

Both guns require the tape to turn anti clockwise when dispensing.

Press the tape gun on to the desired surface

Move the tape gun towards your body making sure the cutting teeth don’t come into contact with the tape too early

Pull the tape gun along the item making sure enough tension is in the tape to hold together.

When your ready to cut the tape, rotate the gun so the plastic blade presses on the tape and the box and the teeth come into contact with the tape.

This will ensure a solid adhesion and with practice you will become familiar with the tape gun and never look back!

We always recommend using the tape we supply for taping boxes as over the years we made sure the tape doesn’t come loose during a removal or storage period or too strong to rip the box apart.

Here at SmartMove we can supply every kind of packing material and equipment you will ever need for moving or storing a house or office.

if you would like to know more about the services we an offer please contact us by clicking here or calling 1300668387.