The Ultimate Smart Move Checklist When Moving Homes

The Ultimate Smart Move Checklist When Moving Homes

Moving into New Home

Preparing your move to your next home may seem like an endless obstacle course of packing, moving and paperwork. But with some careful preparation and forethought, it can be a seamless and low-stress process.

We have highlighted some essential home moving tips leading up to the day of your move to ensure you don’t miss any critical steps.

Six weeks to go.

1. Lock in a removalist.

2. Ask companies the following:

a. Do you subcontract the work out?

Here at smart-move we use all our own guys for the moves, we have personally selected all the guys and steer well clear of the tattooed face, smoking in your home traditional removalsits, all of our guys are fit and healthy and really nice natured people who we trust in our on home with our kids around.

b. What are your minimum hours on a job?

Here at smart-move we have a 1hr minimum for all removal work and a 4hr minimum for all pre packing / unpacking work

c. What increments do they run in?

At smart-move all of our removal work runs by the fifteen minute increments

3. Check Google reviews on companies to see how they score.

Google reviews are an impartial view of companies and the quality of work they provide.

4. Create a list of your items and decided on what’s coming or going.

Be ruthless. If items were gathering dust in your old place, why let them take up space in your new home? For those unwanted items consider a garage sale, e-bay or donating to charity.

5. Consider your insurance needs.

At smart -move removals we hold insurance that in the event of the truck overturning and/or being involved in an accident whilst your belongings are in transit should any damage to your property occur. This insurance comes with a customer excess of $500.
If you require complete cover while the items are being moved or stored by us we recommend you phone or email our broker and she will be happy to quote you: Belinda Bowkett, Insurance Advisernet. Phone: (02) 9954 1311. E-mail

6. Start making a list of incoming mail.

This becomes a handy reference for changing your address later.

7. If you’re want to use our storage facility, its best to check to see how much space you will require by using our online storage estimator, found here

Smart-move offer short-term storage as well as long term. Just give Smart-Move removals and storage a call on 1300668387 and we would be happy to help

8. Time to start packing.

It’s always best to start as soon as possible to avoid any stress nearer to the move, even packing a couple of boxes a day will help

Four weeks to go.

1. Organise packing materials.

Here at Smart-move can provide you with boxes, packing materials and equipment delivery to your door at no extra charge.

We offer 1 free delivery and 1 free collection, we will drop a packing kit based on your size of house and you will be billed for what’s used on the day of your move. Then when you have unpacked and flattened the boxes call us and we will collect the boxes and a buy back applies. All prices and buy back rates listed here

2. Update your home insurance

Contact your home insurance company and ensure both homes are covered for the necessary periods.

3. Essential services.

Organise final meter readings with your utility companies and confirm connections to your new home.

Two weeks to go.

1. Reduce your food

Avoid the supermarket and focus on using up the food in your pantry, f ridge and freezer.

2. Remember the pets.

On moving day, it’s often easier for pets to be cared for by friends – now is a good time to arrange that.

One week to go.

1. Regular Deliveries

Cancel any regular deliveries and pack all but what you think you’ll need for the final week in terms of clothes, toiletries, linen and kitchen items.

2. Excess Rubbish

If the packing process has left you with a lot more rubbish than usual let us know and we would be happy to do a rubbish run for you.

3. Mail Redirection

Choose a reasonably long period so that important documents and bills don’t fall through the cracks.

4. Outdoor plants

Any out door plants that can get wet in rain should be covered in order for them to dry out a bit, or if your able to move them pull them into a protected area – it avoids water running around the truck with your furniture and also reduced the weight considerably

The day before.

If you have booked our women pre packing team for you move then this is the normal day we prefer, the smart-move women packing team will arrive 08:00-10:00 and pack what ever is necessary, we always like it when customers put items not required to be packed into one area so it makes it easier and quicker, they will leave you with boxes to put your linen, last items of kitchen (items you need for the last night) and any thing else you need to pack your self on the morning of the move.

1. Disconnect

We are more than happy to Disconnect your washing machine on the day of your move but if you want to save time/money then this is the day to do it.

2. Prepare appliances for removal

Ensure everything is shut down and fully disconnected, particularly any computers and laptops.

3. Fridge work.

Empty your fridge & freezer contents into an esky and clean the fridge thoroughly.
Pack any remaining items into boxes.

4. Parking.

If necessary, secure street parking for the removals truck.

On the day.

1. Secure valuables.

Carry your new and old keys, valuables and any important documents with you so they don’t get lost!

2. Final check.

Once everything is on the truck, do a final check of your old place to ensure that the home is clean, nothing has been left behind and all rubbish has been removed.

3. Relax.

Enjoy the first night in your new home.

Moving in New Home

Image Credit: Mark Moz, Flickr.