Packing tips from the experts: How to use a Tape gun

Packing tips from the experts: How to use a tape gun.

We thought we would make some films to assist customers on how to use equipment and be prepared for the move day.

In this video we show to to use a tape gun.

Tape guns can be amazing help when having to seal up so many boxes ready for the big move.

They will cut down so much time for you and ensure all your boxes are properly sealed.

There are two types of tape gun: Manual and Auto.

The main difference between the two are:

Manual tape gun: you can tension the tape by twisting the dial in the center of the real which will increase or decrease the speed the tape is released.

Auto tape gun – this gun controls the speed without any input.

Most tape guns have a plastic guard that protects the cutting teeth to keep you from cutting yourself.

You will need to lift the guard up when using and place the guard over the teeth when not in use – be warned the cutting teeth are sharp!

Both guns require the tape to turn anti clockwise when dispensing.

Press the tape gun on to the desired surface

Move the tape gun towards your body making sure the cutting teeth don’t come into contact with the tape too early

Pull the tape gun along the item making sure enough tension is in the tape to hold together.

When your ready to cut the tape, rotate the gun so the plastic blade presses on the tape and the box and the teeth come into contact with the tape.

This will ensure a solid adhesion and with practice you will become familiar with the tape gun and never look back!

We always recommend using the tape we supply for taping boxes as over the years we made sure the tape doesn’t come loose during a removal or storage period or too strong to rip the box apart.

Here at SmartMove we can supply every kind of packing material and equipment you will ever need for moving or storing a house or office.

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