Oh Dear, It Looks Like Rain! And We’re Moving Today!

Oh Dear, It Looks Like Rain! And We’re Moving Today!

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You’ve planned meticulously and everything is on track for a seamless move, except that on moving day it’s bucketing down. The one thing you can’t control is the weather, so what do you do now to prevent damage to your furniture and boxes?


Follow the weather report

Take into account the season you’re moving in, and follow the weather reports for the week before your move to keep an eye out for bad weather.

Although they can give you some sort indication of what to expect, everyone knows that weather forecasts aren’t foolproof. Even when bright, sunshine is predicted, you may wake up on the day of your move to cloudy skies and showers.


Protecting your things

If it is wet, your removalists will be able to provide a good supply of plastic covers for your mattresses, bed bases, chairs and sofas. These covers can be used for other items as well, just ask your removalists to bring them on the day. Moving blankets will cover your furniture and goods but bear in mind they are not waterproof.

Items such as mattresses and other soft furnishings are likely to develop mould and mildew if they get damp. Good removalists will recommend using mattress and sofa covers, especially in the rain.

If the long-term forecast does predict rain on moving day, let your removalists know in advance, so they can put moving blankets on the floors to protect your home while the move takes place.

Boxes are definitely not waterproof, and the last thing you want is for the bottom to fall out of your boxes because they’ve got soggy, make sure you tape the boxes appropriately, don’t skimp on tape!

Your removalists should park their truck as close to the house as possible, so furniture and boxes don’t have to stand outside in the wet.

Electronic equipment like computers is particularly sensitive to water damage. So give them an extra layer of bubble wrap. Don’t forget to take care of your smaller items like laptops, DVD players and radios too.

Outdoor furniture is likely to be soaked if it has rained overnight. Move them under shelter if you can, and wipe them down, so they are not loaded wet.

Also if you’re moving outdoor plants and they are too heavy to move under cover, put a large bin liner over them and cover the base so the plant doesn’t get too waterlogged prior to the move. The last thing you want is water and soil leaking in the truck and damaging your other items.

When you arrive at your new home, ask your removalists if it’s possible for them to place your goods in rooms close to the entrance first to prevent too much mud and other debris being tracked into the rest of the house.


Safety first

Besides keeping your possessions safe, there’s also the human factor to consider. Navigating awkward items between point A and point B is difficult enough without wet slippery surfaces thrown into the mix.

Break out your hiking boots or other closed shoes with a good grip.

There will be a constant stream of people through both your old and new house. Put down old sheets and towels at the entrance.

They’ll not only protect your carpets and floors from mud and water, but prevent slipping accidents.

Don’t try to hurry your move along, this will invariably slow things down and accidents are more likely to occur.

Unfortunately there isn’t any real solution for moving in wet weather other than your removalists protecting your goods and being cautious to the best of their ability. Have plenty of towels available to dry off. And if it’s cold too, have a good supply of hot drinks.


Image courtesy of JustyCinMD,Flickr,CC BY 2.0