North Sydney has everything within walking distance. There are great shops at Greenwood Plaza, Walker Street, Neutral Bay or Crow’s Nest for all your grocery needs or late-night requirements.

North Sydney is home to many corporations and large organisations. It underwent a dramatic transformation into a commercial hub in 1971. For example, in this period, no less than 27 skyscrapers were built.

Business is Booming

North Sydney

“It’s like a mini CBD, except greener, with fewer crowds, more fresh air and better food.”

North Sydney is the second largest business district in the city of Sydney. There are malls, boutiques, shops, plenty of restaurants, cafes and pubs to cater for everyone’s needs.

The city is well connected by public transport – both buses and trains service this suburb. Also, it is only a quick ten-minute ferry or bus ride into CBD.

This convenience does come with a price and you can expect to pay top dollars for rent here. However, buying a property in North Sydney is always a rewarding investment.

Despite the exorbitant prices, it has not deterred demand and people are often on waitlists for rental apartments.

St Leonards Park which includes North Sydney Oval is the suburbs major recreation area, popular among joggers and those wishing to walk their dogs.

It has cricket pitches during the summer and is the home ground for the Northern Suburbs Rugby Union Club and the North Sydney Bears Rugby League Club during the winter.

The median age in North Sydney is 35 years old. As a result, most households are about 2 people, since fast-growing suburb flats and apartments are the most popular.

North Sydney skyline

Moving house and office in this suburb has its own challenges. Also, parking on the street is difficult and access with bigger furniture’s can be hard. Streets closer to the city are also very steep and narrow.

Lifts in new skyscrapers are often small and it can slow even a very easy move. Therefore, it is important to discuss access difficulties with the removalist team who can offer help with having many years of experience.

Our ladies pre-packing and un-packing team are a great help when you are moving home belongings that need to be well secured. Above all, they will help unpack offices, which will help speed up your business transition.

Images courtesy of TFE Hotels and Wikipedia : Adam J.W.C