Residential Removals & Storage in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

If you’re looking for local removalists in Belrose, you’ll find the experience and quality you need with SmartMove, the Northern Beaches experts for removals and storage. Whether you’re just looking for a local move within the Belrose area, or are moving away to another suburb, ask us for a quote.

If you’re moving to Belrose for the first time, and want a specialist removalist who knows the area, then talk to us. We have also included some background information on Belrose here:

Moving to Belrose?

SmartMove is very active as a trusted removalist in the Belrose area and has assisted many residents and local businesses with their moves within the suburb. In fact, we’ve been operating our removals and storage business in the area for more than a decade. Our Northern Beaches headquarters and storage facilities are located close to Belrose, making us a favourite with the locals. As an experienced local removalists firm, SmartMove are committed to making your move as simple and stress-free as possible, and we go out of our way to make that happen. We firmly believe that moving into your new home should be an entirely positive experience and our experienced team know exactly how to make that possible.

Common services provided to people moving in Belrose

Belrose house moves

We often supply women pre-packers to assist in packing the homes ready for the removalists the following day, due to the size of the properties as well as the majority of homes being family homes with parents who are time poor.

The Belrose removalists team normally need to be ramped up to include more man power to ensure the move and delivery can happen in one day.

Belrose office moves

Within Belrose a fair few business parks exist and offices normally require plastic move crates due to the easy flat level nature of the buildings as well as the lack of stairs or the inclusion of lifts which SmartMove can supply and deliver based on the requirements.

We sometimes use multiple smaller trucks for these offices moves to ensure we can get as close to the front of the building as possible and making the whole move as fast and seamless as possible

Fairly often a tip run is required and due to the close proximity of Belrose tip this is an easy option we are happy to help with

We’d be delighted to tell you all about it – give us a call for more details.


Belrose is a suburb in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, New South Wales – you’ll find it just 19 kilometers north-east of the Sydney CBD. For those who call it home, Belrose offers the perfect suburban environment: small enough to have that small-town feel, yet full of spacious family homes with large gardens. No box lawns and little picket fences here!

A relaxed suburb, Belrose is popular with families, retirees and those looking for a quiet and beautiful place to live within Sydney.


‘Belrose’ got its name from the combination of two flowers: the Christmas Bell and the Bush Rose, both of which used to be prolific in the area. This vegetation-based name is very fitting, as it is part of The Forest District and still full of plant life.

Not much is known about Belrose in the early days, however we do know that development in the area was very slow initially, with most of it happening as late as the 1960s. The earliest records of happenings in Belrose start with a trading post and the Post Office, which were established in the 1920s.


Belrose is a small community: according to the 2011 census there are just 8,288 residents in Belrose. This population is primarily made up of families, but the area also has an active retired community.

Being only 19km from the city center, locals can commute to work but revel in the tranquil weekends that this slice of paradise offers families and retirees alike.

Real Estate:

Given that development was slow coming to Belrose, the homes tend to be large as there was very little competition for space when they were built. The streets, which are wide and lined with trees, have also maintained their easy and relaxed feel.

Recently, however, there has been a bit of development activity and a few shopping centers and business parks now also call Belrose home.

Thanks to its proximity to the famous Northern Beaches, there’s a laid-back, holiday mood in the area, plus a lush sense of greenery owing to the national parks in the area. Those who live in Belrose get everything one would expect from a home in The Forest: it truly is a beautiful place to live.

Fun Facts:

Belrose has had many notable residents living within it leafy green folds, including the following:


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