Balmain is suburb in the Inner West of Sydney. Located just 6 kilometres west from Sydney’s Central Business District, this suburb sits on a small bay out of Sydney Harbour.

Balmain was established by the blue-collar working-class at the end of the nineteenth century. Furthermore, it is a historic part of Sydney where the labour party was formed in 1891.
Currently, the increasing property values and waterfront development continue to push the suburb’s remaining industry out. However, many aspects of Balmain’s historic past have been retained as heritage.
Darling Street is the main thoroughfare which features boutique shops, quality restaurants, and street cafes. Furthermore, and according to the 2016 Census, there are over 10 thousand residents in Balmain.
This suburb has several ferry wharves which services run to Circular Quay. Additionally, the wider peninsula has many more parks in close proximity, particularly along the foreshores.

The post-industrial gentrification of Balmain has resulted in a suburb of considerable charm.

If you plan on moving to this delightful neighbourhood SmartMove can help you make your move easy and smooth. Furthermore, some of Australia’s best-known writers, actors, film directors, musicians and artists call Balmain home.

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While Balmain is a popular suburb, parking here might be a challenge not only for its inhabitants but also removalist truck Unit blocks are often old and small which might mean that your move will be a bit more difficult.

While packed tightly together, many of the terraced houses have been restored to create comfortable living areas.

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