Cheatsheet for Moving Day. What To Pack In Your Car

Cheatsheet for Moving Day. What To Pack In Your Car

Cheat Sheet


There are some items which you should consider packing in your car instead of the removal van on moving day. This includes things which you might need on your journey, items you’d rather pack yourself and anything that will help make your move more comfortable.

Below is a list of items you might want to consider keeping close at hand on the big day.

Personal items

1: Day Bag
Pack a bag with items such as daily medication, mobile phone (and charger), glasses, wallets, identification, crucial documents and anything that you might need on hand or that will make your day more comfortable. Once you’ve packed it, be sure to put it in your car or out of sight so as to avoid having it loaded into the van by accident.

2: Car Keys
Remember to keep your car keys safely in your pocket on moving day because, even if you’ve planned your move like a military operation, things are bound to get a bit chaotic at some stage. The last thing you need is to have to search high and low for that elusive bunch of keys.

Survival kit

1: Cutlery and snacks
Pack a plastic container with a few knives, forks and spoons, plates and cups, a kettle and basics like tea bags, sugar, milk, bread, breakfast cereal and some snacks. This way you won’t have to root through boxes when you get to your new home and are desperate for a cup of tea.

2: Toiletries
Pack a bag with essentials for the family – toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and towels, shampoo and other toiletries, as well as pyjamas and changes of clothes.

3: Linnen
Pack your pillows and linen for each bed, because nothing beats climbing into a freshly made-up bed after a long day.

Taking care of your little people

1: Toys and blankets
If you have small children and they’re going to be around on moving day, their favourite toys will need to make the trip to your new house with you. A move is stressful for youngsters and there will be heartache and tears if they don’t have that much-loved teddy bear or blanket close at hand.

2: Entertainment
Keeping your children busy and out of your hair will also go a long way to saving your sanity on moving day. A portable DVD player or electronic games can be a life-saver.

Your four-legged friends

1: Pet essentials
Your pets are as much a part of your family as anyone else so don’t forget their baskets, bowls, water and food on your list of things to be packed in your car. Also make sure you have pet-carriers for cats and other small animals.


Removalists can’t transport potentially dangerous substances such as petrol, gas or paint in their truck as it automatically voids the insurance.

It’s probably best to get rid of them before you move, but if you are planning to take any of these substances to your new home you should transport them yourself.


If you’re using the right removal company your valuables shouldn’t be a concern, however many people find that it gives them peace of mind to transport items like valuable artwork, antiques or collectables themselves.

Should you decide you’d like to keep these items with you in your car ensure they’re well padded with bubble wrap and place blankets between them to prevent any bumps or breakages.

When transporting items which are particularly large and fragile you may want to consult an art or antique removal service about the best way to pack and move them.

Final notes:

You may find you have to do two or three trips in your car. If so, plan what you’re going to pack for each run. For instance, take all your clothes and bedding in one trip and fragile goods in another.
Your last trip should include your survival kit and smaller valuables, and of course your kids and pets.

Finally, don’t over-pack your car. Remember that you still have to drive safely and your car is going to be more loaded than usual. So make sure your view, especially through the back window, isn’t obstructed and nothing can shake loose and cause an accident or injury.
Forward planning is the key to a happy moving day, if you have it all sorted out beforehand you should be absolutely fine.

Have a safe move.

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